Controlling A Crow Problem

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Controlling A Crow Problem

19 March 2015
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If you own a small farm or have a garden area, you may be having trouble with crows trying to eat your crops. A few stray crows will not do a lot of damage, but usually crows will hang out in large groups, making your vegetation at an unfortunate disadvantage.

Here are some pest control methods you can use to control crows in order to keep them from being pests in your garden or crop area:

Use Loud Sounds

Crows do not appreciate loud sounds and will fly away if they are frightened by them. Whenever you see crows in your yard or on your property, run outside and be as loud as possible. Use pots and pans to clang together, yell or scream loudly, or set off fireworks in an attempt to scare away these large birds.

Do this consistently every time you see the crows and in time they will leave because they will be afraid of the sounds if they stay on your property.

Place Some Scarecrows

Putting scarecrows in your yard can keep crows from landing near your plants. Bright-colored clothing should be put on the scarecrow because it will make the crows nervous and they will fly on past the area instead of stopping. Switch the location of the scarecrow every few days so crows do not get used to it staying in one place.

They will come back if they realize the scarecrow is going to be in the same spot, moving. Switching the spot it is located with keep them guessing and keep them away. The same effect will happen with decoy owls and snakes that you can place around your crops.

Use Flashy Materials

Crows will avoid sparkly items. If you want to deter them away from your plants, place some poles in the ground throughout the area you want the crows to stay away from. Tie some compact disks or foil pie plates to the tops of the poles with strong string. Whenever the wind blows, the items will shimmer in the sunlight, showing reflections and frightening crows in the process.

Build A Home

If your home is located in an area where purple martins are located, place a few purple martin birdhouses throughout your yard to attract these beautiful birds. This type of bird is not harmful to your plants and they will squawk and chase away crows that show up in the area.