Preventing Pest Invasion Through Proper Deck Maintenance

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Preventing Pest Invasion Through Proper Deck Maintenance

23 March 2015
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If you have a deck on your home, you should be aware that this part of the house can be particularly susceptible to harboring pest infestations. Because decks are located outdoors and they adjoin a home, they can give pests a sneaky way to infiltrate into your home's interior.

However, you shouldn't have any problems if you take some precautions and properly maintain your deck. The following are some deck maintenance tips that keep pests away:

Install a screen mesh

A screen mesh underneath a deck is a highly effective way of discouraging pests like raccoons, skunks, rodents, and more from building a nest close to your home's entries. 

Regularly paint or seal your structure

As decks are made of wood, they can be susceptible to infestation by termites or other insects. You can check to see if your deck is due for another coat of paint or sealant by splashing a few water droplets onto its surface. If the water beads up, your deck is fine for the time being. If the drops soak down into the surface, it's time for a new coat. 

Treating wooden parts of your deck with a coat of paint or sealant will deter pests from invading the wood. It will also protect the deck from the excess moisture that can lead to mold or mildew growth. 

Make sure water is effectively draining away

Proper drainage is important to keeping many different types of pest away. If water builds up after a heavy rain around your deck, you need to install some drainage features. 

Keep the ground level under your deck

Uneven terrain underneath your deck can provide a comfortable home to a wide range of pests. Keep the ground underneath level and avoid throwing away food or other organic waste beneath your deck. 

Get rid of standing water or debris

Any standing water around your deck is likely to attract all kinds of unpleasant pests and odors. You shouldn't have any standing water or debris around your deck that's not part of your landscaping. 

Keep bushes and trees surrounding your deck trimmed back

Regularly trimming bushes and trees back from your deck will not only improve your landscaping, but it will also make it less likely that pests will be attracted to your deck.

Overgrown shrubbery is a great place for rodent pests to hide out and find food, so take some time to landscape around your deck periodically throughout the spring and summer months. 

For further assistance, contact professionals, such as those from Emory Brantley & Sons Termite and Pest Control.