Pest Control Methods You Could Consider For Your Home

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Pest Control Methods You Could Consider For Your Home

9 June 2015
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Maintaining a household can be tedious work. Include a pest infestation into the equation, and you will be dealing with a nightmare. Here are some pest control methods you could use to prevent these bugs from roaming your home.

Installing floating row covers

A floating row cover comprises a porous polyester fabric that acts as an insect barrier. These covers are a great form of pest control in the early stages of a plant's life when it is being reared in an enclosed space. These covers come in two densities, the lightweight cover and the heavyweight alternative. The lightweight cover is more suitable during the summer, as it lets more light through and will not trap heat. The heavyweight option is better for the colder months if you are using it on your plants and would like to keep them warm too. These floating row covers work great to keep out insects from tomato cages and other plants that you may be growing in an enclosed space. One thing to note, though, is you would have to secure the edges of the cover with U-shaped pins that burrow into the soil to hold it in place. Floating row covers are a good option for homeowners looking to control mobile pests such as aphids, cabbageworms, tomato hornworms and other insects.

Using pheromone scented traps

Pheromones are one of the primary ways that insects of the opposite sex communicate with each other. If you were facing an infestation by pests such as tomato pinworms, corn earworms or armyworms,this would be a good option. Pheromone traps can be used in tandem with the floating row covers, as they will lure the pests toward the fabric and away from your plants. Thus, the pests inadvertently get trapped there.

Using sticky traps

As the name suggests, these traps are coated with an adhesive material that traps the pests by getting them stuck. However, some homeowners make the mistake of adding food onto the trap to try to make it more inviting. This is not necessary. The traps should in fact remain clean for them to remain sticky. Sticky traps can also be hung in the problem area to attract flying pests. These traps can be used to control fruit flies, winged mealybugs, cucumber beetles, fungus gnats and other flying insects.

You can consider numerous other pest control methods. Always remember though to keep both pets as well as children away from these techniques to avoid accidental ingestion of any chemicals.

If your home has too many pests for you to confidently handle on your own, contact a professional service, like B & W Pest Control.