Does Someone In The House Have Bed Bug Bites? Get Help Before The Problem Escalates

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Does Someone In The House Have Bed Bug Bites? Get Help Before The Problem Escalates

6 January 2016
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If someone in your family is showing the marks of bed bugs and you suspect that you have an infestation in your home, there are many areas that you have to treat. Getting bed bugs out of the house isn't a DIY project; it's something that needs professional help.

It can be hard to tell how the bed bugs got in the house and where they came from. This is why the exterminators need to treat the following areas and why you need to worry about your car and luggage as well.

All Furniture in the House Need Exterminating

The bed bugs like to crawl and hide in furniture, and if blankets and pillows were moved around the house to watch a movie or take a nap, then the bed bugs could have easily traveled to all rooms throughout the house. You'll want to have all of the mattresses, couches and other furniture cleaned by the professionals to ensure you don't miss any bedbugs.

Treat Your Vehicles

If you take backpacks in and out of the home, or if you transport blankets or pillows, then the bed bugs may be in the carpeting of your car and in the trunk. Have the vehicle professionally detailed and tell the detailing experts that you want the car to be steamed. This way the problem doesn't come back in the house from the vehicles.

 Dry Clean Luggage

If you have backpacks, purses or luggage that have been in the cars, on planes or trains, or in rental cars, these items need to be dry cleaned. Bed bugs are often spread by travelers when luggage is all stacked together, so any items in question should be sent to be cleaned. Coats that can't be washed and dried on high heat at the home should also be dry cleaned.

Bed bugs are nocturnal and often come out at night, so the first sign is often markings from bites on the body. The bed bugs can live for 400 days without feeding off a mammal's blood, even in low temperatures. It's important to get rid of anything that is so infested the exterminators don't know if they can get all the eggs and bed bugs. If you have found bed bug bites or your body or someone in the family has, don't wait any longer to get the bed bug problem under control. Contact a company that offers bed bugs treatment for more information.