Mice And The Holiday Season

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Mice And The Holiday Season

27 October 2016
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The holidays are almost here, which means almost non-stop preparation. You probably spend hours cleaning the house and working on the yard before your family members arrive for the celebrations. Everything looks fabulous, but right before the big event, you spot evidence of a mouse infestation. How can you keep those mice from stirring and wrecking your celebrations?

Area Control

If you become aware of the mouse problem at the last minute, you need to concentrate on cleaning vermin out of the public areas. Nothing will wreck your meals like a furry mouse being spotted in the kitchen or dining room. You need to search for every nook and cranny in these rooms and seal them up. You also need to keep any type of food out of their reach, including your pet's food. After your pet has eaten, immediately remove any leftovers. Then strategically place sticky traps in these rooms. This process may catch the visible creatures before company arrives. Of course, you still have a larger problem. If you start off with a mere six mice, you can have sixty or more in your home in a three-month period. So if you see one, you may have dozens more hiding in your walls, basement, and attic. As soon as possible, you will need to take care of them as well. You can do it yourself, but a pest control expert will be more likely to make your home mouse-free.

Whole-House Maintenance

Rather than fight with mice during the holiday season, you should inspect your house now to make certain the rodent population is under control. Search your home for tell-tale trails of mouse droppings as well as chewed paper or cardboard. If you suspect an infestation, contact a pest control professional as soon as possible. They may be solidly booked when the holiday season actually arrives. The professionals can use a variety of methods to find and kill these pests, including tracking them with ultra-violet lights. They can also use repellents to keep mice from returning.

You spend so many hours preparing for the holidays, you can't afford to have your celebrations dampened by the untimely appearance of a mouse or two. Inspect your home now for signs of an infestation and call for help if you find it. If you notice mice right before your holiday meals, seal off the rooms that matter and call for help after the guests leave. Contact a company like Boris Pest Control for more information.