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Do you live in an area where ticks have become a serious problem? Do you have children and pets to worry about as they play outside? If so, it is time for you to learn about tick extermination and control. How you maintain your property and how you prepare to go outside can have a big impact on how likely you, your family and your pets are to be exposed to the diseases carried by ticks. My site can help you maintain your yard and take care of your pets and children so that they are safe to play outside on the warm summer days.


Getting Rid Of The Three Most Common Stinging Insects From Your Back Yard

23 April 2015
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If you plan to spend a lot of time relaxing in your backyard this summer, the last thing you want to be bothered by are stinging insects. Bees, wasps and yellow jackets may try to share your yard with you, which puts you and your family at risk of being stung. Here is what to look for, what to do if you see these pests, and how to act if stung by one of them. Read More …

Bait For Uninvited Guests Of The Raccoon Variety

16 April 2015
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Raccoons can wreak havoc on a property. If you have a raccoon problem, then you know the kind of damage they can do. However, just because a raccoon tips over your trashcans and tears up your property does not mean that your no-so-friendly, neighborhood raccoon deserves the death sentence. If you are looking for a way to get rid of your raccoon problem, finding a good tap is only half of the problem. Read More …

The Buzz - Help Honeybees Fight Colony Collapse Disorder By Relocating Their Swarms

8 April 2015
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While a bee swarm is a frightful sight, the good news is that the bees are not a danger to you and your family while they are swarming. Since honeybees are currently suffering from a disease with no known cause, known as colony collapse disorder (CCD), you should avoid having the bees killed versus relocating them. To remove and relocate the swarm, you will need to have a beekeeper or pest control technician come to your home and knock the swarm into a hive box. Read More …

Find Those Pest Problems Before You Buy That Previously-Owned Home

27 March 2015
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If you are considering buying a home in a state where wood-boring insects are a problem, make sure that the house is free of these pests. Termites and powderpost beetles can cause significant damage to a house structure before being detected. Take the time to have the home inspected before getting serious about making an offer. Termite Damage Disclosure States don't require sellers to perform an inspection for termites before putting their home on the market. Read More …

4 Common Areas Termites Attack Your Home

25 March 2015
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Are you worried about the possibility of termites within your home? Perhaps you've noticed a few termites around the area -- or maybe it's just been a long time since your last pest control service. If you suspect that you might have termites, there are a few places that you might want to check. These are the places that termites most commonly congregate around or in.  1. Pipes in Your Foundation Read More …