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Do you live in an area where ticks have become a serious problem? Do you have children and pets to worry about as they play outside? If so, it is time for you to learn about tick extermination and control. How you maintain your property and how you prepare to go outside can have a big impact on how likely you, your family and your pets are to be exposed to the diseases carried by ticks. My site can help you maintain your yard and take care of your pets and children so that they are safe to play outside on the warm summer days.


Preventing Pest Invasion Through Proper Deck Maintenance

23 March 2015
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If you have a deck on your home, you should be aware that this part of the house can be particularly susceptible to harboring pest infestations. Because decks are located outdoors and they adjoin a home, they can give pests a sneaky way to infiltrate into your home's interior. However, you shouldn't have any problems if you take some precautions and properly maintain your deck. The following are some deck maintenance tips that keep pests away: Read More …

Basic Questions New Homeowners May Have About Pest Control Services

19 March 2015
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Controlling wildlife and insects around your home can be a challenging task. These organisms have the potential to cause major damage to your property, and they may spread disease to your pets or household members. While there are professionals that can help you with this problem, you may be wanting answers for two basic questions about pest control services.  Are Pest Control Services And Exterminators The Same Thing? You may be one of many people that assumes that a pest control expert and an exterminator are always the same type of service. Read More …

Controlling A Crow Problem

19 March 2015
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If you own a small farm or have a garden area, you may be having trouble with crows trying to eat your crops. A few stray crows will not do a lot of damage, but usually crows will hang out in large groups, making your vegetation at an unfortunate disadvantage. Here are some pest control methods you can use to control crows in order to keep them from being pests in your garden or crop area: Read More …